Zettle Card Reader 2

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Combine the award-winning card reader and the Zettle Go app to turn your device into a secure, mobile POS. Together, they facilitate card, cash, mobile and invoice payments everywhere you do business.

Fast and secure payments

The simple card reader that’s fast and secure to take payments¬† in-store or on the go. Simply pair the Zettle 2 card reader with the app so you can take payments and run your business with ease.

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Pay with confidence

The Zettle 2 card reader meets the highest industry security standards. The magstripe is removed thus giving transaction protection, and data encryption plus the card reader is tamper-proof giving you peace of mind.

The freedom to set up your way

Design your POS set up to fit your business needs, like fixed counters or mobile payments for example. Almost any set-up is possible with the Zettle card reader 2 furthermore works with different POS apps and is ready to grow with your business.

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What POS is the right fit for you?

While the free Zettle Go app is the perfect fit for the Zettle 2 card reader, you may need more features like appointment booking or table management the Zettle integrates with other POS apps.


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