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Data Capture Survey App Solutions

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Data Capture Survey App

Prices Start From
£ 109
  • Easy To Use
  • Quick Setup
  • Unlimited Data Collection - Online & Offline
  • Works Without Internet
  • Fast & Accurate Input
  • Manage Surveys Remotely
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Secure
  • Scalable

Data Capture Survey App Solutions

B2B Rentals Ltd the iPad rental specialists have recently secured an order to supply a number of
iPads together with bespoke Data Capture Survey software to be used in five European Countries.
The large Distributor whose Head Office is in Geneva used our product for their UK arm and were so
impressed decided to roll out the solution to five other Countries across Europe.

The survey will be written in the local language and includes German, Polish, Spanish, Norwegian and Swedish. The
data will be uploaded to remote servers and then downloaded by each client into XL format.

The data capture app is one of our most popular solutions and is used by market researchers and
clients exhibiting at exhibitions and trade shows to capture visitor’s data. The client sends the
required questions and we compile the survey which can also include company logo, brand colours
and splash screen. Splash screens are the first page of the survey and can display any content.

This enhances the look of the overall experience. The data is saved onto the iPad until a connection to
the internet is made when it is then encrypted and saved on cloud based servers. The data can then
be downloaded in a choice of formats and ready to use. Prices start from £109.00 including one
licence and with unlimited responses.

The iPad technology has become the preferred tool for Market Researchers.

B2B Rentals Ltd have noticed more and more Market Researchers are turning to the iPad as their
preferred tool for capturing data whilst conducting Qualitative and Quantitative surveys, and renting
seems to be the most cost effective method.

B2B Rentals Ltd have noticed a rapid increase in the rental requirement for this technology but what
type of Market Research is best suited to the iPad? The main types are Qualitative and Quantitative.
The results of quantitative research will generally be in numerical form.

This is where B2B Rentals Ltd can help! 

Our App design and data capture offering enables our clients
to easily capture data from the interviewee which is then uploaded onto a server and submitted in
CSV File of XL. Call B2B Rentals Ltd and ask about their “data capture bundle” solution.

What is the difference between Qualitative and Quantitative?

Qualitative research

 is based on opinions, attitudes, beliefs and intentions. This kind of research
deals with questions such as “Why”? “Would?”, or “How?”

Qualitative research aims to understand why customers behave in a certain way or how they may
respond to a new product. Given that these opinions are often obtained from small numbers of
people, the findings are not necessarily statistically valid. However, such data can highlight potential
issues which can be explored in quantitative research.

Focus groups and interviews are common methods used to collect qualitative data. This kind of data
is often revealing and useful, but it is costly and time-consuming to collect, particularly for a start-up
or small business.

Quantitative research

 is based on larger samples and is, therefore, more statistically valid.
Quantitative research is concerned with data and addresses questions such as “how many?”, “how
often”, “who?”, “when?” and “where?”

The results of quantitative research will generally be numerical form – for example:
35% of customers rate the new product as “attractive”

70% of potential customers use the Internet to buy their Hotel Accommodation in Dorset
B2B Rentals offer a bespoke data capture solution and will accommodate the required results for
their clients.

It’s good to talk, give us a call.

We would love to discuss with you any requirements you have and help you to find the best strategy for all your future marketing campaigns.