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We make it easy to Invite, manage and check in your guests. Simply send us your guest list and we will take it from there.

One event registration tool that will cover all your needs

Do you need a tool that can handle thousands of your guests by their name, guest list and custom fields even offline? The app works on all devices so using it with our iPads is a perfect fit and will let you manage your events anytime and anywhere.

Online Invitations

Collect information  with customisable forms, invitation links and RSVP pages.

Guest Management

The guest list app is user friendly and won’t fail you at any size event.

Event Check-In

Used for over 10 years by leading event venues to check-in guests on any device.

Online Invitations

Make online Invitations for your next event a breeze.

Invite & Check-in

It's so simple just send out your invitations to your guest and then at the start of the event simply check them In.

Traceable Invitations

Create unlimited customisable forms which can be created by all the team plus everyone can see who invited who.

View In Live Preview

You can test your forms In live preview mode so it's perfect before you publish.

No Cookies

You want your guests to have a nice experience on your event pages. So it helps that all the pages automatically adjust to the dark mode settings of the browser and stop cookie pop-ups

Guest Management

Manage your guests efficiently anytime anywhere.

Import & Export

Upload your guests using either excel, text files or simply copy and paste.


The software checks if you are about to add a guest that has already been added so you can keep your list as clean as possible.


All the data that's important will be available on the app so you can make better decisions.

Activity Log

Know when your guests were checked In by who and at what time.

User Accessibility

Be in control of who can do what by setting different roles threw out your team.

Long Term Guest Lists

You might want to keep your guest permanently which is a feature of this app and can be synchronized when you make changes.

Handles Any Size Event

Whether you're holding a small house party or 100k stadium event this app has got you covered.

Functionality Anytime, Anywhere

All tasks can be done from one place so no going back to your computer to be able to do certain tasks.

Power Saver

Automatically turns and is designed to save power on all mobile devices.

Event Check-In

Event Check-In made so simple for any size event.

Guest Search

Search for your guests quickly and efficiently with full names, initials and partial names for example.

Plus One

If your guest has brought a friend you can easily add them with just a few clicks.

Works Offline

If you go offline it's not a problem as you can continue to check guests in and once you reconnect it will synchronise.

Attendance Reports

Check who attended or didn't come to your event easily.

Event registration App Guest check-in solution

Guest check-in solution

B2B Rentals Ltd has been offering a bespoke Guest Check-in solution to their clients for over 12 years with continued success. Designed especially to load guest names in alphabetical order and just by ticking a box confirms to all the other iPads that a particular guest has arrived at the Event. As well as checking in by name the product will also allow you to include any other important factors such as table numbers, disabilities etc.

The app allows for multiple iPads to be synchronised and the data collected from one iPad will automatically update the other iPads. (Must be connected to the internet) This solution is perfect for smaller conferences and events as it is simple to operate and does not require any onsite installation as the App is pre-configured on your required number of iPads prior to delivery, so as soon as your equipment arrives you can be up and running and ready to go.

Event Registration App

The app provides event organisers with a searchable list which allows you to easily confirm your delegate’s attendance and also has the ability to register ‘walk-ins’ on the day. All we require is a list of your registered guests so that this data can be synchronised with the iPads.

Post-event we are able to supply you with a report of all the attendees and their time of arrival allowing you to follow up on these leads for feedback and development.

Using the guest check-in app

Using the app with our iPads is very convenient for event managers and event planners because they are easy to update, even at the last minute when guest check-in has already started. Using a paper and pen method remains static and can create chaos at the door. Last-minute changes are possible because the iPad guest list data is stored in an internet cloud and syncs with each device in use.

Guest list management is the most important part of organizing an event of any kind. Most event managers and event planners have established their own processes throughout their professional careers. In most cases, guest list management is done electronically thanks to various tools like cloud databases and email blasts.

Guest check-in with an iPad redefines events at the point of entry and pushes event management and event planning to a new level of professionalism. Average check-in time using digital guest lists can be cut down to ten seconds per guest.

Digital guest check-in based on guest list apps applies to several industries such as award shows, media and entertainment events, corporate events, seminars, trade shows, art openings, sports and VIP hospitality, charities, political fundraisers, seated dinners, high school proms and other celebrations such as weddings.

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