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Capture That All Important Customer Data And Information At Trade Shows And Events?

Promote Your Products And Services At Trade Shows And Events?

To Check Your Guests In For Trade Shows, Events Or Conferences?

If you answered yes to any of these that’s great we can help.

We will find the right solution that best fits your business needs and together take your field marketing to the next level.

100’s of our fantastic returning customers do this each year.

You can contact us now or keep reading to find out more.

Who Is Our iPad Hire Service For?

Well that’s easy, iPad hire is for anybody with a business who is looking to promote their product or services at trade shows and events.

But it doesn’t stop there you can use our data capture apps with our iPads to conduct market research using our survey apps for example.

Take A look at what our valued customers think

iPad Hire

B2B Rentals have the latest iPads for hire. Whether you need an iPad for a week-long exhibition, a month-long national sales campaign, a trade show, internal company training or client presentations.

Data Capture Apps

B2B Rentals can design bespoke application software or preload Conference, Event Registration or Data Capture software which can be supplied by the client or we can design for you.

iPad Accessories

Looking for iPad Stand Hire? We have all the latest iPad floor and desk stands available to hire which would enhance any exhibition and also keep your iPads safe and secure.

iPad Hire And Survey App Uses

iPad Hire For Capturing leads at trade shows or events

Capture more leads at your trade shows or events with our lead capture app. No internet needed (works offline).

Question Types for Lead Retrieval

Question types for lead capture including email capture, photo capture, and more.

Say goodbye to expensive lead retrieval units

Scanning a badge is great – but getting the data that matters is better. Customize the data you collect.

Instantly access your lead data

Stop collecting business cards that get lost, or waiting for days to access badge scanner data with our lead collection app.

Auto-Reply Email

Create automated email follow ups so that leads are emailed instantly.

Create lead capture sweepstake campaigns

Transform your lead capture survey into a giveaway with ‘pick a winner’, ‘scratch to win’ and more.

Offline Lead Capture

No internet or WiFi needed – we offer 100% complete data collection coverage.

Lead Scoring

Automatically calculate a score for each lead you collect based on their responses.

Custom Branding & Personalization

Our platform allows you to create a customized experience that represents your brand.

Lead Capture Integrations

Auto-sync leads to Salesforce, Zapier, Mailchimp, and more to integrate them into your current lead process.

Use iPad Hire For Research

Customer Survey Research Methods

Learn how our survey researches customers collects the data they need from any situation.

Fast & Accurate Input

Custom keyboards and shortcuts make data entry faster, easier and more accurate.

Real-Time Survey Results

Analyse survey responses as soon as they are collected.

Works Without Internet

When offline, data is safely stored in the app until the device is reconnected.

Unlimited Data Collection

All plans come with unlimited surveys and responses.


Use a single device or a thousand and manage your data in one place.

Data Integrations

Sync the data you collect instantly using our Zapier, Salesforce, MailChimp or Infusionsoft integration.

Use iPad Hire For Customer Feedback

Collect Customer Feedback

Our customer feedback system allows you to create and launch customer feedback surveys to provide fast, actionable insights.

Customer Feedback System

Customizable customer feedback platform that you can tailor to your business.

Transform iPads into Customer Feedback Kiosks

Includes kiosk specific features including survey looping, uptime reporting and more.

Customer Feedback Forms

Create customized customer feedback forms for your business.

Auto-Reply Email

Create automated email follow ups and alerts to prompt reviews from happy customers, and follow up with unhappy ones.

Customer Feedback Survey

Built for customer feedback, transform tablets into customer feedback machines.

Customer Feedback Reporting

Customized customer feedback reporting to provide you with actionable insights.

Branding & Personalization

Beautifully branded customer feedback surveys that reflect your brand.

Integrations for Customer Feedback

Integrate your data with Salesforce, MailChimp, Zapier, and more.


Customer Feedback Question Types

Questions built for customer feedback including NPS, smiley faces, and more.

Use iPad Hire For Audit & Inspection

Inspection & Mobile Audit Surveys App

Easily create mobile inspection checklists and audit surveys to capture data anywhere. No internet or technical expertise required! Works on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.

Quick Setup

Create mobile checklists and surveys in minutes. Capture photos or videos and easily attach them to your inspection or audit.

Unlimited Data Collection

Don’t worry about plan limitations. Enjoy an unlimited number of surveys, mobile forms, and responses — no matter what plan you use.


Audit Tracking

Easily track your employees out in the field by measuring how many audits each field auditor captures.

Signature Capture

Quickly collect signatures on your device screen to get approvals and sign-offs on your audit surveys and inspections.

Conditional Logic

Use skip logic and question branching to determine a custom path through the survey that changes based on a respondent’s answers.

Audit Scoring

Create a scoring system based on survey responses. Set a value for each response and our system will automatically tally answer values for you.

Powerful Security

All data is encrypted when it is in transit between your device and our servers, or when you are accessing it through our web app.

International Language Support

If you need users to answer text-based questions in multiple languages, you can add International Keyboards to your iOS or Android device.

Reporting & Analytics

Easily generate reports in popular file formats such as PDFs. Set reports to go out weekly or after certain conditions are met.

Guest List App For Events

The guest list check in & management app trusted by over 7000 event professionals and nightlife venues.

Check in and manage guests from multiple devices in real-time

Automatically synchronise between smartphones, tablets, facebook and more. You can even search for and check in guests while being offline.

Top features

Guest lists

Categorize your guests by using multiple guest lists per event. You can choose to name your guest lists whatever you want, like “VIP”, “Press” or “Staff”.


Use our Facebook app, website widget, invitation links etc to collect event sign-ups. All synchronized with all your devices in real-time.


Analyse actions like sign-ups, check-ins, promoter performance and other things that will give you real-time insight into your event.


Specify what each user working on your event is allowed to do in great detail. With permissions and boundaries, you can give as much or little access as you want.

Import & export

Upload guest lists from excel and text files, and download them again whenever you want.


Checking guests in works even if you go offline due to an unreliable internet connection.


Keep it simple iPad on table

About The Company

B2B Rentals Ltd (formerly known as iPad Hire Ltd) the iPad hire specialists, are probably the best in the UK when it comes to the rental of iPads and associated services and accessories. We provide quality short and long-term iPad hire solutions.

Whether you need to hire an iPad for a week-long exhibition, a month-long national sales campaign, a trade show, internal company training or client presentations, there has never been an easier way to rent an iPad.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and attention to detail therefore setting us apart from the rest. B2B Rentals Ltd supply to a large range of corporate and public sector businesses as well as education and have an excellent working relationship with many charitable organizations throughout the UK.

Hire an iPad for a day

Are you looking to Hire an ipad for a day?

Then you have come to the right place. B2B Rentals, is one of the UK’s top iPad hire specialists. We believe we are the best as we pride ourselves on our customer service and attention to detail.

We are based in Shropshire but send out iPads for events and exhibitions across the whole of the UK. With us there has never been an easier way to rent an iPad.

We can also offer iPad stands or wall mounts to rent. iPads can have your own branding and if you need any type of data capture software, we can add that too. 

We are very flexible

with their delivery/collections and make every effort to keep the cost to their clients to a minimum. Call us today to see why we are the best company for all your iPad hire needs.


10 Good reasons to Hire your iPads from B2B Rentals Ltd

We have fulfilled hundreds of rental orders and the feedback from our clients has been excellent, confirming that our consistently high level of service is exactly what our clients are looking for.

10 Reasons Why iPad Hire From B2B Rentals Have Been So Successful.

1. Large choice of iPad specifications from an even larger amount of stock.

2. Vast Range of Floor Stands, Desk Stands, Kiosks to suit any Event.

3. Solution based rental – we always work with you.

4. Free iPads for Charities.

5. Excellent and prompt service.

6. Flexible pricing to suit your budget.

7. Free upgrades.

8. Uncomplicated rental – we make it easy for you.

9. Flexible delivery/collection dates outside of the rental charges.

10. Competitive price promise.

These are just some of the reasons our clients come back to us time and time again and also recommend us to others! If you need to rent – hire iPads please contact us and find out for yourself!

B2B Rentals always care about their clients requirements!

B2B Rentals Ltd the iPad rental specialists always listen to their clients regarding their iPad hire requirements to ensure the best and most cost effective solution is offered and not a problem.

Compared to the amount of different iPad security products and software available the choice of iPad specification is relatively simple. More and more customers require Floor Stands, Wall Mounts, Kiosks and Desk stands for Exhibitions and Internal Events. 

We have a huge range of security stands in various shapes and sizes so they can always offer the best product that suits their clients’ needs and at the right price.

Interactive software 

is also becoming very popular especially for Conferences and Data Capture software for Market Researchers. B2B Rentals Ltd the iPad hire specialists can supply everything you need to ensure your event is a great success!

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