B2B Rentals Ltd the iPad rental specialists have noticed that more of their rental equipment is being used in European Countries on a regular basis. This is due to contracts being won by UK Events Companies who have the logistical facilities and experience to operate outside the UK and the quality of work they offer. B2B Rentals Ltd work closely with their clients to ensure the chosen Rental equipment is delivered a few days before the Rental period starts (at no extra cost) which helps to ensure the transport leaves on time and to double check everything before departing.
The Rental of iPads, iPad Floor Stands, Desk Stands and Wall Mounts all including security features is increasing and B2B Rentals Ltd are purchasing more of their rental equipment and flight cases on a regular basis to keep up with demand! B2B Rentals Ltd have supplied rental equipment for Events in Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and Poland during the last few months and the trend seems to be increasing.
Since we opened our office in Barcelona in 2014 we have won many rental orders from the UK and other European Countries for events in Barcelona. As the office is situated very close to all the main venues we can deliver to site or our client’s hotel very easily and all this negates the expensive transport charges.
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