Need low cost iPad rental for your conference? You have come to the right place. B2B Rentals Ltd own one of the largest stocks of rental iPads in the UK and are therefore well positioned to accommodate large scale requirements such as conferences and at competitive prices!

If you are planning to hold a conference and would like to get your delegates more involved why not rent iPads and live stream your conference directly to them? B2B Rentals Ltd don’t just offer the hardware we can also provide software solutions such as; Voting, Polling, Presentations, Live Chat Facilities, Data Capture etc. The software can be used online or offline depending on your preference and internet connectivity at the venue, so you are getting the whole package under one roof.
To make your conference or event even more special, we can brand the iPads with your corporate Logo. We simply take your desired artwork and create them into vinyl’s which are then applied to the back of the iPad before delivery.

This can also be a way of showing sponsorship details if the event or conference is sponsored by a third party.