iPad rental made easier!

B2B Rentals Ltd have recently launched their latest App designed especially to load guest names in alphabetical order and just by ticking a box will confirm to all the other iPads that a particular guest has arrived at the Event. The App allows for multiple iPads to be synchronised and the data collected from one iPad will automatically update the other iPads.
iPad guest lists are convenient for event managers and event planners because they are easy to update, even at the last minute when guest check-in has already started, whereupon paper remains static and creates chaos at the door. Last minute changes are possible because the iPad guest list data is stored in an internet cloud and syncs every other second with each device in use.
Guest list management is the most important part of organizing an event of any kind. Most event managers and event planners have established their own process throughout their professional careers. In most cases guest list management is done electronically thanks to various tools like cloud databases and email blasts.
Today, event managers and event planners create guest lists using spread sheets that are updated continually until the event begins but electronic guest management, in combination with digital guest lists and iPad check-in via iPad apps, is quickly becoming an industry standard.
Guest check-in with an iPad redefines events at the point of entry and pushes event management and event planning to a new level of professionalism. Average check-in time using digital guest lists can be cut down to ten seconds per guest.
Digital guest check-in based on guest list apps apply to several industries such as award shows, media and entertainment events, corporate events, seminars, trade shows, art openings, sports and VIP hospitality, charities, political fundraisers, seated dinners, high school proms and other celebrations such as weddings.